Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Out Of Three Muskateers Ain't Bad

Not to be picky...

...but what kind of "3 Musketeers Fencing Set" comes with only two foils? What does poor Aramis do--just stand around and watch?? "All for one, and one for 2/3 of us"???

Still, this ad pointed out the obvious benefits of fencing:

Hmmm...there are other ways for a young man to develop "mighty wrists," but it's best not to put them in a comic book ad...

But seriously, fencing will apparently turn you into a virtual super-hero:

Not only that, but fencing will put you into an elite fraternity of cool kids:

"Wherever I go in the world"??? Not so true, least not in my lifetime.

From Forbidden Worlds #42 (1956). Dammit, now I have a hankering for a Three Musketeers bar...

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