Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spoiler Saturday--Joy To The World!!

Oh, man, what a perfect start to the weekend!! Sunny, mild, a huge pile of comics to read...why, absolutely nothing can bring me down!!


Well, of course young Bruce Wayne is a little bit gloomy.

Still, that's not gonna bring me down!! The Justice League is finally fully assembled (see what I did there?), and it's time for some grand super-hero style fun!!


You know, getting picked last for the basketball team isn't really the worst trauma in the world, so when Geoff Johns and Jim Lee seem to equate that childhood tragedy with Bruce Wayne's...I hope Batman punches them. Plus, really, do we need a Superman who has had an unhappy childhood?

(Then again, those two panels of Clark Kent's youth are more than we've had from every other nu52 book combined so far, so maybe we shouldn't kvetch...)

All righty, then, let's press on with modern super-heroic glee!!

Wait, you guys have already covered this part of Vic's life to death. Really, you got nothing else?

I wish the Leaguers could see and comment on each others' "I've had a hard life" flashbacks:

VIC: Man up, Clark. At least your parents came to see your sporting events!
BRUCE: At least you have a dad, Victor. Mine's dead.
CLARK: Shut up, Mr. "No Favorite Color." You were never picked last for anything.


Look, it's a glorious day, and I'm not going to let the "everyone in the JL had childhood issues that motivate their lives as heroes" theme get me down!! Besides, every Leaguer can't have had childhood trauma, right? Right??

Oh, dear...

Oh, much for the happy cheerful day...anyone have some Prozac?


Siskoid said...

The only reason to read JL is for its train wreck qualities. How long will we keep doing this to ourselves.

Well if Justice League can't be entertaining, the blogs that talk about Justice League HAVE to be.

Speaking as a last-picked, frequently bullied person with a most HATED color (purple) and a dead beat dad, please Mr. Johns, I don't want to relate to my heroes this way. It's enough that they lost their parents (because Johns wrote that into Barry and Hal, right?)

snell said...

I'm not sure about Barry. That was the doing of Zoom, and Barry was trying to undo that when he caused Flashpoint. I don't believe his parent have been mentioned at all in the nu52, so I'm not sure of their rebooted status.

Dougie said...

Souls of Azarath! Bruce Wayne's memories are coloured with Raven's tears!

Next issue: The Justice League all get tattoos, you know, like the dudes from Lord of the Rings. They're like brothers, man.

Siskoid said...

He's mentioned his dead mom since FP, don't worry.

chiasaur11 said...

Wait. Kent picked last for basketball? And resenting it?

Past continuity, he's either been Mr. Star Player (until he finds out that he has an unfair edge and stops immediately), or, you know, Superboy. (and therefore chuckling to himself about how the guys would flip their lids if they knew puny Clark Kent was the teen of tomorrow!)

It makes no sense. None! Clark Kent has been shown to have one of the best childhoods ever. Most loving and saintly parents alive, good dog, vast abilities beyond the ken of mere mortals. Call me crazy, but he's the last guy on the planet I want to see throwing a pity party.

Retour en France said...


Well apparently "showing you the last thing you wanna see" is the New52 Slogan... Sigh...

notintheface said...

FYI, Johns didn't write in Hal's dad's death. That was way pre-Johns.

Also, yet another inconsistency: Lois, Clark, and Jimmy are actually friends in the Superman books, but in JL she totally snubs Clark for a group lunch invite? In the Supes books, she knows Clark enough to actually ask him to pick up her sister from the airport, and Jimmy actually crashes at Clark's apartment.

Does Johns have former editors' heads mounted on his walls as trophies or something? Seems like nobody's got the balls to edit him.

Arynne said...

"The drunk tank"? Please tell me they're not bringing Emerald Dawn back into continuity...