Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Swimmin' Pools And Movie Stars!!

I wasn't going to buy any comics from the quarter bin this week--really!! I'm far enough behind on my piles!! So, really, seriously, I was going to just pass it by.

And then this was sitting right in front:

I mean, come on--I'm only human!!

Look, this comic give you relevant social commentary:

They give you clever commentary on the foibles of modern technology:

And most importantly of all? Because it's in comic form, it can tell the type of stories that the television show never could--like the time the Clampetts stumbled into a movie studio thinking it was a farm, and Jethro ended up fighting a giant mechanical space creature:

Yes, that really happened.

So, obviously, quarter well spent, yes??

And since I was in the bin, well, I mean, I had to buy 30 or 40 more comics, right?


Beverly Hillbillies #1 was from 1963

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Martin Gray said...

That's a lot of fun, I dimly recall the show from when I was a nipper (mind, everything's dim with me).