Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Miggsday #5--All Circuses Are Circuses Of Crime!!

For all the attention focused on organized crime in the 1950s, it couldn't have been all that bad (certainly not as bad as comic books!!) You see, at a circus "encamped outside a small Indiana town":

Yes, apparently every circus ever was a target for mobsters. Because protection money from circuses is obviously much more profitable than gambling, prostitution, smuggling, drugs, etc. Circuses--that's where the money is!!

Well, sadly, the "Barton Giant Traveling Carnival" (wait...Barton?!? You don't think...?) didn't have the Flying Graysons or similarly well-connected friends to help out, and they didn't have the good sense to visit Gotham City, so...

I'm just sayin', The Godfather or Scarface would have been much better movies had they focused on the circus-related aspects of the mob.

But what does this have to do with Mr. Miggs? And "Half-Nelson McGurk, the world's greatest woman wrestler"?? How does she fit in??

Hang on, guys...

From Forbidden Worlds #42 (1956)

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