Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Miggsday #6--It All Starts To Come Together

And let the pieces begin to link up...

Mr. Miggs decides that the best place to set up camp to wipe out all life on Earth is at a circus outside a small town in Indiana. And of course, he shows up just as Betty Barton (Clint's long-lost sister??) is bemoaning that her outfit is being destroyed by the Ozzie Barbuti (?) gang, to whom she refused to fork over dough:

Fortunately, Miggs has his magic science vest!!

And then, he rousts the rousters of the roustabouts (yes, I really just wrote that):

Oh, well, that's all we...what? We've barely just begun?? Sigh...Stay tuned, I guess...

From Forbidden Worlds #42 (1956)

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