Thursday, May 31, 2012

In An Alternate Universe, No One Listens To Joe Quesada

In this week's Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39, Peter Parker finds himself in a timeline where he (and hence Spider-Man) never existed. And one of the ways you can tell it's an alternate world? By the big-ass Times Square billboard:

Yup, a mere week after Marvel honcho Joe Quesada opined that Marvel had no female heroes capable of opening a "tent pole" summer movie, and that there were no actresses who could carry such a movie, we're shown that in at least one universe, he's pretty wrong, and there obviously is a market for such fare.

Which is especially ironic, since it's a book that has Quesada's name on it. Not that the "chief creative officer" actually reads all the books with his name on them, of course. But it seems pretty clear that Brian Reed & Lee Garbett never got the memo that women actors and women-led movies are poison.

In a perfect world, there would have been more lead time between Quesada's quote and this issue, so we could ponder if this was intended as a deliberate rebuttal to Quesada. But I'm content to just enjoy the coincidental irony.

Oh, and this alternate timeline has something for everyone:


chiasaur11 said...

President Jameson, eh?

Let's see. Harsh on crime, excellent civil rights record, pro mutant. Probably supports a lot of creative science initiatives, so that's a plus.

Knows how to balance a budget, too.

Heck, he's got my vote.

Martin Gray said...

'Rescue' - that's Pepper Potts in an Iron Man suit, yeah? What a rubbish name. I realise Iron Maiden is taken,must still ...

I'd go to see MJ in anything. She's so dreamy.