Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Miggsday #3--Wrong Channel, Buddy!!

Science Fiction Cliche #21A is when the visitor from a strange world sees something odd here on Earth and assumes that it represents our entire culture, and bases their whole scheme upon that misconception. (A minor variation is when the alien lands on Earth and our protagonist introduces himself as "Smith...John Smith," and the alien proceeds to call him Smith Johnsmith for the entire episode/movie. Because that joke never, ever stops being funny...)

How does this relate to our Mr. Miggs? Well, despite being trusted with finding a new planet for Mercury to settle, he really, really is disenchanted with the domineering women-folk there:

So, of course, when Miggsy turns his televeiwer thingy on to Earth, he sees:

Ah, those "Militant Women Leaders Of America." Whatever happened to those guys?

But you see, Mr. Miggs doesn't understand that this is just some cartoonist's odd view of the nascent women's lib movement. No, he thinks this is what the whole Earth was like in 1956...

Way to go, Militant Women Leaders Of America--you've doomed us all!!

Or have they...? To be continued...

From Forbidden Worlds #42 (1956).

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