Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Mezz!!

By now, most of you know of my ridiculous fascination with faux rock bands that appear in comic books. There's no explainin' it, it's just there.

So imagine my delight when I stumble upon this in the quarter bin yesterday:

Mezz, you see, is from the Nexus comic book, and he's a resident of Ylum who started up a band, and they became mega-popular. And yes, Dark Horse published a one-off special featuring the band. Because that's how they rolled, dudes.

Just listen (and, as always, click on the pic to embiggen to perfect-lyric-enjoyin' size):

And in 2494, the were on a multi-planet stadium tour:

Unfortunately, their opening act, The Flaming Assholes, lived up to their names, and started a riot, and got the show cancelled...

To make up for it, Mezz did a concert in the park...

But it turns out a free concert was a violation of their contract. So greedy manager Vooper forced a sponsor on their tour, and said they'd have to perform the Lox Beer jingle every show:

Well, the band quit, but Vooper claimed to own their names (nice contract), and hired some band members who were less scrupulous:

But Mezz took it to court, the band won their names back, and gave an impromptu post-hearing concert:

Hells, yeah.

OK, so I'm weird...but I love this stuff...

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