Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Then Again, Loki's Not Very Smart

Sometimes, for a god of mischief and deceit, Loki wasn't terrible good (or smart) at it.

Thor has sussed out his latest scheme, and Loki has a...brilliant...plan to get away:

(Do you know how much I love that panel??)


Lesson for Loki:

A) When Thor has his back turned, fly away, or transform into something else, or teleport away, or...

B) If you're posing as a pigeon, when someone hurls peanuts at you, EAT THE DAMN PEANUTS!!!


Stephen said...

Conversely, the modern Thor would simply hammer ALL the pigeons into delicate sidewalk pate.

SallyP said...

I can only assume that Loki has a peanut allergy or some such thing. But yes, that was pretty stupid.

Michael May said...

Is it just me or does Loki look like a uterus in that first panel?

-3- said...

You'd think a guy who, when changed into a mare, let a stallion 'mount' him, and then carried the foal to term (in the Nord classic "How Odin Got His Horse") could manage to do a better job figuring out how to be a bird.

Or maybe, after that bit with the horse, he has an aversion to animal behaviour when in animal form?
Nah. Not buying that.
(Certainly not in the Hiddleston age of Loki)