Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meet The New Year, Same As The Old Year

I'm really no good at this review the old year/look forward to the new year type of stuff.

Hell, without going back to look up dates & stuff, I couldn't begin to compile lists or reflect on events of the past year or any of the other stuff a card-carrying blotter is supposed to do this time of year.

As to 2012, really, what's to resolve? The piles of books and comics I need to read, TV and movies I need to see, music I need to listen to, etc, grow ever higher and higher. So I suppose I resolve yo fiddle with the space -time continuum to find an extra hour or so in every day.

But that's about as self-reflective as I ever get, so I'm just going to keep on keepin' on.

Oh, I'll try to be a little less curmudgeonly, to spend more time reading and commenting on the blogs of my comic-commenting colleagues, and to read (and write about) every comic ever printed.

Oh, yeah. I promise to fully embrace our better-than-Star-Trek-ever-imagined technology of the future. For example,this post was 100% composed on my Kindle Fire. Seriously, flying cars aside, we're living in the future, and I'd love to hop back in time 30 years and blow my young mind with a phone more powerful than contemporary supercomputers...

So as we head towards a) Mayan-predicted doomsday and b) the new James Bond movie, let's wallow once more in the philosophy that will guide me through this brave new world we face :

Oh, Tony, you're such a douche...


SallyP said...

Happy New Year! These are ALL commendable ambitions.

And yes, Tony is a douche.

Martin Gray said...

May we all be like Tony and get together! Happy New Year!