Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That Loki's Not Such A Bad Guy, Really

You know, that Loki fellow really isn't such a bad guy. Sure, he's got this rep as evil and everything, but seriously, it's undeserved.

Take, for example, his first appearance, in Journey Into Mystery #85 (1962). He wants to draw Thor out so they can fight. And the big, evil plan to do so?

Now, really, is that so bad? No one was really harmed, and they've got a great story to tell on reality TV. Plus, while Thor did cure them, he did it by bombarding them with anti-matter particles...so really, WHO is the bad guy here??

In his next appearance, in Journey Into Mystery #88 (1963), Loki has permanently defeated Thor once and for all. So he decides to have a little bit of fun with those pesky humans who supported Thor.

And the monstrous havoc Loki unleashes?

Well, it's a variation on last time. And he's going to turn them back in a few minutes!! So why the panic?? Really, who wouldn't want to be turned into nothing for a few minutes?

Loki's next act? Oh, man, it's really really REALLY evil:

Dude, that's not evil--that's my dreams come true!!

Seriously, a car made of ice cream?!? Bring it on, Loki!!

And if the worst complaint is "dogs are licking my bicycle," well, that's completely a First Midgard problem.

And what does Loki do then? Prepare for the greatest act of terror of all:

Yup, he stopped an atomic bomb from exploding, and humiliated the Soviets! Loki is history's greatest monster, it seems.

Then Don Blake tricks him, turns to Thor, and humiliates Loki. Loki, who turned everything to candy and ice cream and stopped atomic testing.

So again, who is the villain here?!?


Martin Gray said...

Such good points ... PLINK! I've never read those stories, but Loki is quite the guy, a little Impy, a little Mxy, but with a ponytail. At least I'm assuming that was meant to be his hair.

Is that the modern colouring I've heard such bad things about? I love it, it's very My Little Pony.

Stephen said...

A "First Midgard problem"...clever.

"How can we face Nikita now?" I love the sliding timeline.

Loki is the frat boy Punk'd Jackass(tm) of evil.

Except when she's a woman. Then Loki is pretty damn scary.

SallyP said...

You raise a very valid point, sirrah! It used to be that Loki was the God of Mischief...not Evil, 'til Marvel got carried away. I'll take Mischief any day.

notintheface said...

"Puny humans! Suffer yon TYPE 2 DIABETES!!"

And actually, Martin, the ponytail is part of his HELMET, not his actual hair. Loki is a brunette like in the movie.