Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Avengers Drive Me Looney!!

So, the Ambassador from the white supremacist regime of Rudyardia has come to the Avengers for some help. T'Challa greets him, and...

Did you see? Did you see?!? He pressed the blue button, and everyone came in response to the "blue summons."

Don't they realize they can't do crap like that to me?? Look at all those other buttons...all those other colors...I must know what they do!! I MUST!!!

I mean, the blue button is the blue summons, that's obvious...and the blue summons obviously means "not important enough to get Cap, Thor and Iron Man to end their session of Call Of Duty 5."

But what about the purple button? Is that the "purple summons"?? Is that a higher or lower priority than the blue summons?!?

And what about the yellow buttons?!? There are TWO of them!!! What does that mean?!?!? Is one yellower than the other??


pant...pant...sorry I got so worked up. But these things bug me. Can someone go find Steve Englehart and Bob Brown and Dave Cockrum and Petra Goldberg and find out what all those buttons do?? Please?!?!?

Well, at least we all know what the red button does:

From Avengers #126 (1974).


SallyP said...

Well...that's a puzzler. A puzzler indeed. I would assume that the yellow button summons Yellowjacket maybe. What would happen if you pushed TWO of the buttons? Or all of them?

T Guy said...

If you push both yellow buttons, you get Yellowjacket and the Wasp.