Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Wonder Man Is Radder Than You Think Style!!

It's been a nasty, brutish and short week. So the cure? A Friday Night Fight featuring a loooong knockdown drag-out battle courtesy of one Sal Buscema a Mr. Pablo Marcos.

The situation? Wonder Man has just been revived from the dead (for the first time), and that has left the poor Vision in a bit of an identity crisis. His synthezoid brain was "programmed" with Wonder Man's "brain patterns" (whatever that means). So he's confused, and feeling like an inadequate copy. And when he thinks Simon Williams is trying to make time with his woman?


Now, as we all know, The Vision Is Radder Than You Think. So the fight's over, right?

Not so much.


If he can take the Vision, I guess that Wonder Man is radder than I thought (at least until Bendis got a hold of him...)

Spacebooger would like me to point out that this fight, which took less than 5 full pages, would have been stretched out to 2 full issues had it taken place in 2012...

Jim Shooter, Sal Buscema and Pablo Marcos give us new respect for Wonder Man in Avengers #158 (1977)

Now, it's time to go and vote for my fight this week. Because if I don't win, I might have to do an entire week of Wonder Man Is Radder Than You Think. And we certainly don't want that. So go vote, please.

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SallyP said...

I have to admit it...the sight of someone...ANYone beating up Wonder Man just thrills me to my toes.

Heck, I always liked the Vision.