Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday--Dial C For Child Labor

From Adventure Comics #482 (1981), here is the legal release kids had to sign to submit their designs to the Dial H For Hero strip (click to embiggen to full lawyerese):

Also included, on the bottom half, was this fairly...unusual...survey that had to be filled out:

What are your pets' names? What are your hobbies? Where do you go to school? Give us a picture of yourself?

Sorry, but in 2012, that sure sounds like a predator trolling for potential victims. I'm just sayin.' (Of course, DC had a legitimate interest in knowing your siblings' names and ages, and pets, and etc. I can't fathom what that interest may be, but there must have been one, right??)

Anyway, DC owned whatever you submitted, whether they used it or not. But don't worry, kids and parents--if your tyke creates the next Wolverine or Batman, you'll get a nifty T-shirt:

The letters page in the issue notes that their submission files are "filled past the bursting point" with "fantastic characters!" The conspiracy theorist in me can't help but wonder if any DC heroes of the 80s secretly came from those files...oh, I know, I'm just being silly, and I'm certainly not accusing anyone at DC of swiping ideas from children. Still, pulling random kid-designed characters from a pile just might explain Justice League Detroit...


Siskoid said...

I'm pretty sure I submitted something at the time, in the New Adventures of Superboy days, but it wasn't used or I'd have the t-shirt/right to privacy lawsuit money.

Today, they'd just ask for your Facebook page, I suppose.

Martin Gray said...

I liked JLD"

My pal Will was credited with a settee.

snell said...

Now, Martin, I wasn't ragging on JLD (at least, not too hard). But you have to admit, "a breakdancer with earthquake powers," along with that costume, screams "designed by a ten year old."