Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Suprise, Magician Style!!

You know, I've never used Doctor Strange in a Friday Night Fight before. Let's face it, true believers--a couple of cats gesturing at each other during a crazy light show doesn't make for the best fight.

Ah, but when you take Strange out of his comfortable milieu?? Then you've got a fight.

Let's head back to the famous Avengers/Defenders war. Dormammu has tricked the Defenders into reassembling the Evil Eye, which will result in his taking over our dimension. Meanwhile, his alleged ally Loki has tricked the Avengers into stopping the Defenders, telling them that the Defenders were looking to take over the world (just a few decades early on that one, Loki!).

So Doctor Strange has recovered his piece of the Evil Eye, and thinks he's home free because he's up against some ground-bound, non-superpowered Avengers:

Oh, Strange, you fool--you fail to reckon on the jungle-bred abilities of...


Spoiler Alert--Strange totally cheats and uses a sleeping spell to get away from the Black Panther and Mantis.

Spacebooger thinks it's totally unfair of me to use Sal Buscema two weeks in a row.

Steve Englehart, Sal & Frank McLaughlin show the power of feet over spells in Defenders #9 (1973).

Now the time has come to vote for my fight. Why? Because I like to win, that's why! So vote!!


SallyP said...

Wow. He punches the guy who just saved his life! Avengers Assemble!

snell said...

Well, the Avengers had been convinced that the Defenders were trying to take over the world, so...

Bill said...

Doc Strange looks like he's holding a purple dust pan.

snell said...

Bill, that's The Evil Eye, one of the most powerful mystical artifacts EVER!!!