Monday, January 2, 2012

Manic Monday--Their Parents' Tuition Dollars At Work!

The reason we're falling behind in math and science to other upstart nations:

At MIT, it seems, they already believed a man could fly.

You know, if any of these eggheads graduated and actually designed something my life depended on, I might be a little worried right now...although DC's reply was more polite than usual:

It must have been some rockin' times in those MIT dorms in 1968. To hell with toga parties--let's "prove" the Flash can run faster than the speed of light next, guys!!

From Superman #208 (1968)


Martin Gray said...

I wish they'd prove I could fly!

Anonymous said...

And, if any of those students were receiving federal tuition assistance, your tax dollars at work!

Sina said... guys are assholes!

Instead of making fun of them and putting them down, you should be saying "Hey, it's goddamn cool that the popularity of comics extends to a wide base of interested parties!".

They obviously are fortunate enough to afford further education, and are also set up to be in a profession worlds apart from ours, and I think their interest in comics should be welcomed and encouraged instead of belittled and derided.

It isn't like they were spending time and money on an actual sponsored research report to get these results, they were just doing it in their free time for fun and because it interested them...and what more can you ask from a fanboy?

Again, you guys are assholes.