Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday--Hal Jordan Mark II

I hate it when I'm right.

From a post back in July:
Anyway, I note that, despite transforming himself into the Monarch, murdering hundreds of heroes across the multiverse, conquering dozens of worlds and killing millions, and wiping the entire population of Earth-51's universe (not just the Earth--THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE), Captain Atom is now apparently back. As a good guy. With no explanation, no punishment, no guilt or remorse. Once again DC would have it that one of their heroes can be a genocidal monster, but it's OK if they had their fingers crossed. DC--where the only difference between good and ultimate evil apparently is just how you feel when you roll out of bed that day. End of rant.

Well, in last week's Action Comics #882, Captain Atom started to remember some of the events of his time as Monarch. And his reaction?

"I guess what I truly am is a good man who's done bad things."

Sure. A good man who murdered quadrillions of people, but good nonetheless. He wanted to destroy the entire multiverse, he killed hundreds of heroes. He made Darkseid look like an amateur, but he's just a "good man who's done bad things."

What a load of horse hockey.

Next month, no doubt we'll find that Atom was possessed by the color mauve, or some such tripe. And he'll go back to being a hero, and join the Justice League, and no one will ever say, "Hey, didn't you murder all 51 of the other Captain Atoms? What was up with that?"

DC: where great power means NO responsibility whatsoever.

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