Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saw VII??

Get ready to recoil in fear...never have you seen such out and out terrifying images. Hide the children and brace yourself for this Halloween week shocker:

Aaaghhh....look at the unbridled fear on those faces!! The rigid bodies, obviously in pain!! What insane torture these poor youngsters must be going through!! Prepare to be scarified even further as we zoom in:

AAAIIIEEEEE!!! What pain!! What agony....

Oh, wait...they're supposed to be smiling? And happy??

Really?? And Joker venom's not involved?!?

You know, I was tempted to blame the grimaces of agony really uncomfortable looking smiles on the fact that Gary Frank is trying to (being made to?) draw Christopher Reeve's face on a teenager's body. But if that's true...

...than who's making him draw Saturn Girl with the face of Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica? Imra is a skin job??

Gary Frank, you really need to learn how to draw happy people...

(P.S. Dear Geoff Johns, if you're going to jump through ridiculous hoops to restore Superboy's original backstory AND restore the original Legion of Super-Heroes, than why in Rao's name do you dump the "fake initiation test" plot?? Why go to such lengths to restore the pre-Crisis status quo if you're just going to ignore what actually happened in the pre-Crisis status quo???)

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Nimbus said...

Gary Frank's faces have always looked a little wrong to me. It does tend to be the mouth that's somehow off (though I can't really describe why).

Otherwise, he's a very good artist. I just wish he'd draw faces differently.