Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Fights--Anbo-Jytsu Style!!

In the future, you see, sports will be really crazy. And not just Rollerball-crazy:

Aeroball, brought to by England, inventor of such exciting sports Ummm, snooker? Action-packed golf!! All supplanted in 2050 by...Aeroball!!

And today is the Big Game!! That's right, it's the Harlem Heroes vs. the Greek City Gladiators in the preliminary round of the World Aeroball Championship!!
And how does your typical Aeroball game go?? A little something like this:

Seriously, any sport that features 80mph kung fu drop kicks is all right with me, and all right with Spacebooger, too!!

From 2000 A.D. #1 (1977), written by Tom Tully and Pat Mills, drawn by Dave Gibbons.

BONUS: Why are "future sports" on sci-fi comics/shows always so lame? For anyone who wants to see the true sport of the future, and "the ultimate evolution of the martial arts," view below...

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Chad Carter said...

As regards Anbo-jyutsu, I think that's the perfect set-up for your button-mashing berserker. Keep swinging and you'll hit something sooner or later.

Whatever the Patrick McGoohan-created karate sport from the 1960s "Prisoner" show was called, with trampolines and moats, is a personal fave.