Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Fights--Countdown Preview Style!!

Today for Friday Night Fights, we're going to look at a brain-bruising dust-up between two former heroes...accompanied by one of those sweet sounding songs from the 1960s that turns out to be a roiling epic of psychosis and sadomasochism when you actually listen to the lyrics.

Our combatants?

Mary Marvel and Captain Atom, of course!! You see, they've been hypnotized by Roulette to fight each other in her little underground super-hero Fight Club...

Time out. I just want to break in and say that I'm really, really tired of this particular type of story. Yes, I'm talking to you, Gail Simone. The soil is depleted on this plot; it needs to lie fallow while we rotate in some other story device for a few seasons. End of agricultural metaphor.

Anyway, Mary Marvel and Captain Atom have to fight each other...

Time out. This story is from 2003. Just coincidentally, both these characters turned evil a few years later in the execrable Countdown To Final Crisis. Or was it just a coincidence? Anyway, I note that, despite transforming himself (for no given reason) into the Monarch, murdering hundreds of heroes across the multiverse, conquering dozens of worlds and killing millions, and wiping the entire population of Earth-51's universe (not just the Earth--THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE), Captain Atom is now apparently back. As a good guy. With no explanation, no punishment, no guilt or remorse. Once again DC would have it that one of their heroes can be a genocidal monster, but it's OK if they had their fingers crossed. DC--where the only difference between good and ultimate evil apparently is just how you feel when you roll out of bed that day. End of rant.

So anyway, to the rollickin' rock of The Association, Captain Atom gets in the first blow..

Every time I think that I'm the only one who's lonely
Someone calls on me
And every now and then I spend my time in rhyme and verse
And curse those faults in me

And then along comes Mary

And does she want to give me kicks , and be my steady chick
And give me pick of memories

And then along comes Mary
And does she want to see the stains, the dead remains of all the pains
She left the night before
Or will their waking eyes reflect the lies, and make them
Realize their urgent cry for sight no more

When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

Sweet as the punch

Sweet as the punch

Sweet as the punch indeed. But not as sweet as Spacebooger...

Panels from Formerly Known As The Justice League #3 (2003), by (duh) Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire and Joe Rubinstein. Bwahahahahahaha....

Lyrics and video for Along Comes Mary below. WARNING: This was the 1960s...

Lyrics | Association lyrics - Along Comes Mary lyrics

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