Monday, June 11, 2018

Manic Monday--The True Cause Of Global Warming!

Brace yourself...


OK, in fairness, it was still canon at this point that Superboy grew up in the 1930s, so these scientists might not have been as clued in as they should be on "nuclear blasts."

But their next idea suggests that yes, they are stupid:

So, off to the moon, where...

Geez!! Take some Gas-X, Superboy!!

And...there's a side effect:

And in Kal-El's gut?

Rather than just taking a couple of Prilosec, Superboy tries going underwater and into the vacuum of space to extinguish his fire breath. But no luck.

Next plan?!?


Folks, DC writers realized this 54 years ago. So maybe it's not a Chinese hoax?!?

It needs to be said, though, that the DC writers didn't quite realize the scope of the problem...

One village, saved with a sea-wall. Maybe it's really not that big of a threat?!?

Anyway, since his flame-breath won't go away, Superboy goes to live on the "fire planet," and:


The moral of the story? Don't let Superboy give you mouth-to-mouth. God knows what he's been breathing!!

(And before anyone asks, this was 1 1/2 years after Fire Lad was introduced with the Legion Of Substitute Heroes, and he didn't come from a planet like this. He inhaled odd meteorite vapors to get his power...still, if I were allowed to write comics, maybe there's a story here...)

From Superboy #115 (1964)

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