Monday, June 4, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Getting Medieval On The Avengers' @$$es!!

Morgan Le Fay has used the Twilight Sword and the kidnapped Scarlet Witch's powers to transform the modern world into her own medieval playground:

Let's watch George Perez and company give us Arthurian versions of 30+ Avengers, shall we?

Click on this one to embiggen--it's worth it!

Oh, and all of these "Queen's Revengers" had olde tyme names, too:

Gosh I love comics.

Still, Morgan Le Fay, Kulan Gath, etc...why do all of these villains want to turn modern-day into a copy of their home time periods? You'd think that constantly getting their ass kicked back then would make them less nostalgic for home. Plus, indoor plumbing, right?

All I know is, if I were to wake up in say the 26th century and somehow had ultimate power, the last thing I would do is transform everything into an ersatz late20th/early 21th century cosplay fest. But maybe that just proves that I'm not sufficiently evil...

From Avengers #2-3 (1998)


Green Luthor said...

Darkhawk: Falconer
Falcon: Blackbird

I kinda feel like those should have been the other way around...

George Chambers said...

Some of these outfits were an improvement on their normal costumes, at least as drawn by Perez. Poor Beast, though - fitted out like a court jester.