Monday, June 11, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Maybe The D Stands For "Hope"?!?

If it's a day that ends in a "y," there most be another new Kryptonian hanging around Smallville:

Wow!! I guess that means watch out, the trouble's just beginning if you live in Hawaii or Guatemala!

No, but seriously, this isn't really a Kryptonian. It's part of an over-elaborate hoax to trick Superboy into freeing the prisoners from the Phantom Zone. Who's behind it?


But that's a good question, Luthor--how did Superboy suss you out?


OK, OK, this is before the "the S symbol is the crest of the House Of El" thing was thought up, and the "S" Superboy wears was put there by Ma Kent. Maybe Luthor should have said, "It's not a D...on Krypton it stands for oh, I don't know, faith?!?"

Still, it was pretty damned stupid for young genius Lex Luthor to put Dak-El's initial there. After all, he was in contact with the Phantom Zone villains, and none of them wore monogrammed clothing.

From Superboy #115 (1964)

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wordsmith said...

Since he's putatively a Kryptonian villain, maybe the D stands for "Despair".