Friday, January 26, 2018

Try To Picture This Scene With Tom Cruise And Jack Nicholson!

Nick Fury is being court-martialed for punching out a superior officer.

The guy is on the stand, being cross-examined by Fury's attorney:

Even his accusers love him!!

That was then, of course, when Nick Fury was a hero.

This is to remind you that 3 1/2 years ago, Jason Aaron and Marvel had Nick Fury murder the Watcher, commit several alien genocides, and end up presumed dead but actually chained to the moon, observing in Uatu's place.

So I kinda wish that Marvel would make Nick Fury half the man he was...

From Sgt. Fury #7 (1964)


Warren JB said...

Speaking from the current moment, what's worse: Nick Fury retconned into a genocidal maniac, or Steve Rogers retconned into a... genocidal maniac?

(And when are they going to do a Jean-Grey oh-they-were-trapped-in-a-container-under-the-sea-this-whole-time bit?)

I don't really remember Original Sin. Either I ignored it or I've been out of comics longer than I thought. Though stuff like this doesn't really make me regret that 'lost' time.

snell said...

Nick Fury, clearly.

At least with Cap, they gave it the fig leaf of his being altered by the Cosmic Cube. No such luck with Fury.

B Smith said...

Wait a minute....Nick Fury murdered the Watcher?

Good grief, I really am out of touch....and couldn't be happier to be so, by the sound of it.