Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Are They Outside???

I'm a little late to the party with this one, but I still have questions.

This house ad ran back in November's DC issues, pushing their annual You Must Buy These As Christmas Gifts  Essential Reading List for graphic novels.

So, umm...

A) Are these guys locked out of the Hall of Justice, or what? Because yeah, they've got powers and insulated costumes...but damn, it's cold out there!

B) Do you really think longboxes could support Cyborg's weight?

C) Why exactly are their stacks of longboxes outside in the winter, anyway?

D) Leaving graphic novels lying in the snow?!? What kind of inhuman monsters are you guys?!!!?

E) What are the odds Batman smacks Flash for reading over his shoulder? Especially since there's another copy of the same book just lying in the snow 7 feet away?

Plus, I mean, does Barry reading over anyone's shoulder make any sense? Every nanosecond he's finished a page, and has to wait a relative eternity for the non-Speed Force reader to turn the damn page!!

F) Really, there's no way Finch could have drawn this scene indoors, so all the books would get ruined?!? No way you could convey "Christmas" that way?

G) Why the hell are graphic novels falling from the sky?

H) Superman's lack of red trunks is really front and center here--let's make Kal-El's area the focus of the scene!! Why?!? Why not?!?



SallyP said...

It also looks like the Hall is just a model that Aquaman and Hal are leaning against. Seriously, the perspective isna bit...screwy.

Jason Glor said...

And why do they all look so grumpy? Maybe it's because they are waiting for the locksmith, and he's really late.

John Hennings said...

I think maybe Finch can’t draw smiles. He’s like Liefeld was in the nineties with hands and feet, but Liefeld’s better now.