Saturday, March 18, 2017

Zatanna Vs. Flautists!!

Zatanna's manger has some advice for aspiring stage magicians:

Oh, Zatanna's manager...oh wait, I should really say it this way:

Reganam s'annataZ, uoy era yletelpmoc gnorw!


OK, I'm the first to admit that one may not be kosher with the unseen but amazingly perfectly in-synch backing band setting off your spider-sense. Me too.

However, let's talk about this guy, who is so freakin' badass that WB should immediately hire Jean Reno to play him in the Justice League movie:


So maybe you owe the dude an apology, Zatanna's manger Jeff?? (Not to mention, maybe Zatanna herself owes a long-overdue apology for brainwashing and erasing memories in Identity Crisis??!?)

From World's Finest Comics #274 (1981)

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SF said...

One-handed whistle playing: