Thursday, March 23, 2017

That Time Lobo Fought The Avengers And The New Warriors?!?

Covers never lie!

OK, OK, that's not Lobo. The colorist of the cover blew it...the character doesn't have chalk white skin on the inside of the book. So we just have a cover where it just looks like Lobo is kicking as in the Marvel Universe.

So who is this guy?

He's the energy/emotions vampire who was the early 90s version of the Hate Monger (he later changed his name to Animus).

And how do we really know that he's evil?

Because he keeps quoting the Rolling Stones?!?!

BONUS RAINY DAY ACTIVITY: Take the Heat Miser song, and replace the words "Heat Miser" with "Hate Monger." Sing loudly!!

From Avengers #342 (1991)

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