Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Golden Age Idol--The Flag!!

Many a hero has clad themselves in the colors of our nation.

But few went as far to tie themselves to the flag as...The Flag!!

It begins thusly:

Just in case the reader hasn't been able to follow the litany of coincidences over the first page and a half, we get a convenient summary:

Oh, wait, and John has a nickname, too:

So, a crippled veteran flag maker known as "Old Glory" finds a baby with a flag-shaped birthmark on Flag Day. I sense a theme emerging...

Well, John names the baby Jim, and raises him to be as patriotic as all hell. And on Jim's 18th birthday:

And now, the greatest Golden Age Idol panel ever!!

Man, when Washington and Lincoln are recruiting you, you had best listen!!

Uh, fight Nazis. Duh.

Jim wakes up, and no, it wasn't all a dream.

His flagmaker father makes him...a flag costume. Kinda inevitable, right?

Can't say I'm crazy about that sash tied around his waist--why give enemies something to grab onto?

Otherwise, there was nothing too original or exciting about the Flag's adventures--fighting German spies and saboteurs and Nazi sneak attacks...

Well, wait. There was one interesting wrinkle--Jim could apparently give his powers to anyone who touched his birthmark!

Get a room, you two!!

There are some intriguing story possibilities there. What if someone refuses to give the powers back? What if an enemy touches his birthmark? What happen when he and a companion are in bed? What if gets a wound that mars the birthmark? Sadly, these were never explored, as the Flag only made 5 appearances.

Oh, and when called upon, the Flag could do skywriting, as in this story when he was trying to keep a Nazi cut-out from stealing an election:

Where the hell were you last November, Flag?!?

From Our Flag Comics #2 (1941) & #4 (1942)


Bill said...

You could make a living as a flagmaker? And not only that, but the flagmaker has enough of a local reputation that the press follows him?

Anonymous said...

You asked where the Flag was in November 2016 in reference to his freeing people to vote in one of his stories. I guess he was right here all along https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/28/upshot/a-2016-review-turnout-wasnt-the-driver-of-clintons-defeat.html?_r=0