Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Oliver Queen--Bastion of Journalistic Ethics (Eventually)!

A couple of weeks ago, we took a gander at just how good a journalist Oliver Queen was during his "former billionaire writes a column for a major metropolitan newspaper" phase. We were all pretty impressed, actually.

Well, now it's time to see how Oliver performs under actual pressure.

A "stoolie" gave him a hot tip about a secret mob drug deal, which allowed Green Arrow to put a kibosh on the operation.

But it also attracted the attention of the police...

Oh, Oliver...

Now, you'd think that the editor of a major metropolitan newspaper would support his star reporter protecting a source. Surprisingly, though, George Taylor of the Daily Star apparently skipped that day in journalism school...

Journalism Rule #1: "Only protect your sources if they're fine, upstanding citizens. Betray the scumbags as quickly as possible!"

And so, the police take the next step...

Things don't go well in court for Oliver:

And you'd think his super-hero girlfriend might take his side. But, no:

Just to remind you, this snitch blew a major mafia drug deal, and might very well be killed if his name is revealed. "But is it so much"?!?

Anyway, as he is wont to do when actual thought weigh upon him, Oliver heads for his Deserted Island Of Solitude:

I'm kinda shocked that Oliver never turned this place into an amusement park or something...

Now he's finally come to a decision:


Apparently, they never had Woodward and Bernstein on Earth-1.

But his real reason for giving in?

He'd rather keep getting regular nookie than protect his source!!

Dinah, who's seemingly had a change of heart, talks Oliver down...

Which, when you translate the psycho-babble, means:

Oliver Queen--doing the right thing (eventually).

Serious question: did this ever happen to Clark Kent? I mean, there has to have been a story where Clark was forced to choose between revealing a source or doing jail time, but he can't do the jail time because Superman is needed and...They MUST have done that story, right?!? Anyone?!?

From World's Finest Comics #274 (1981)


SallyP said...

Oh you have to be so...melodramatic about everything?

George Chambers said...

So... is that even legal? I admit to not being an expert, not being American, but wouldn't Ollie have some kind of constitutional defence here?

snell said...

George--unclear. While several states have press shield laws nowadays, a lot fewer did back then. And the U.S. Supreme Court has said that there essentially is no federal right for reporters to withhold info from the courts.