Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Want My Executed Leg!!

I'm sad to report that this may be the Lyingest Comic Book Cover Of All Time:

Nothing even vaguely resembling this cover appears on the inside of the comic. Which is pretty damned sad, because it's a great hook, and leaves us filled with questions:
--Who is Tom?
--How was he executed?
--How does the guard recognize the leg so quickly?
--Why is everyone so scared of a leg? Can't the guard just whip it? They can probably out-run it.
--What's the leg's big plan for revenge--kick everyone to death?

These questions, and more, ensure I would have read the hell out of that story...if it actually existed!

In the small consolation department, the issue does contain this little gem:

Oh, ho, you mixed-up torsos!!

Not the same as an executed leg, though...

From Dark Mysteries #13 (1953)

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Jonathan Hendry said...

The best thing about that comic is the page inside the cover, opposite "mixed torsos": an ad for a religious org headlined "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE".

Even ambulatory leg remnants?