Monday, March 20, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--Birth of A Super-Villain?!?

Look, we just know this guy is destined to become a Marvel villain, right?

Not to mock too much--I know from experience as a speech coach that many, MANY people could do wonders in their lives by learning to speak a little better.

But just look at the guy!

A scary-looking guy named Feuchtinger who is going to give you a "power voice"???

I can see the whole story...he's a success, but a treacherous partner decides to steal ther income, and leaves him for dead. But he survives, the experience--near death? Exposure to his "process" for 48 hours as he lays beneath rubble inhaling hard water vapors?--reaches undreamt levels of power, and now a has a "super" voice which can command others, and cause things to happen. And so he goes on a revenge quest, initially stopped by Spider-Man and Ghost Rider in an issue of Marvel Team-Up, but eventually just becoming another super-villain who menaces every Marvel hero...until Galactus comes looking for a new herald...

See, this is why I'm not allowed to write comic books. Ever.

From The Perfect Crime #30 (1952)

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