Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Real Explanation For All The Russia News Lately?

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for...

Well, the caption is true, it would seem:

Well, as the doctors tried to figure out how "Johnny" is still alive...


What gives?!?

Well, they fly him home to the States for the eggheads to examine. But watch out for the in-flight service!

Myra contacts her mysterious ally for instructions...

Meanwhile, science can figure out everything!!

No, not a mutant...just a boring old time-traveler...

Well, one blow to the head and one easily escapable death-trap (radiation!) later comes the information dump: much, Gar San?

But there's a reason why Gar San is the best space cop from 4579:

The Kremlin?!?


Well, that explains a lot about what's been happening in Russia lately, don't you think? Gar San, there's this guy in the Kremlin trying to disrupt the world...Gar San, where (when?) are you...?

From Jet Comics #4 (a.k.a. A-1 #39) 1951

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Mista Whiskas said...

Up until the time traveler part I thought this could be the plot for an Unbreakable prequel...oh, and "you're eyes! They make me weak...dizzy...loosen my tongue" wow.