Thursday, March 24, 2016

The True Story Of How Batman V. Superman Got Made!

Well, I haven't seen Batman V. Superman: The Dawn Of Justice yet, but the critical consensus so far has been...unkind. I find out this evening.

But...what if...the heroes deliberately made the film bad?!?

Before Gotham City became a hellhole, Commissioner Gordon had nothing better to do than cajole Batman and Robin to entertain the public!
Superman hears and decides to join in. And a certain filmmaker is going to make a big donation to charity for the right to film to show!

But he has an ulterior motive, of course...

Well, over a harrowing three days, every single reenactment goes disastrously wrong!! For example:

No exaggeration--every single stunt goes wrong!! So Zack Snyder Henry Bartle is pretty cheesed!

So much for the orphans!

Of course there's an explanation...

You bastards! How dare you try to make money after legitimately purchasing the right to make a movie!!


So, anyway, you can believe that WB deliberately made a Superman/Batman movie that's received critical disdain.

OR you can believe that Kal-El & Bruce deliberately ruined the movie thermselves, so that DC and Zack Snyder would give back the rights, and then the heroes could go on to make the good movie which would make millions for charity. Except, of course, DC didn't realize it was a turkey, and released it anyway.

I know which theory I believe...

From World's Finest Comics #86 (1957)

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SallyP said...

My God... this theory explains so much!