Monday, March 7, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The Amazing Spectre-Man?!?

You know what's frightening?

The Spectre acting like he's Spider-Man or Batman, that's what's frightening!

Nazi treachery has sent the Spectre to Pluto! He's become embroiled in a struggle between the "Thin Ones" and the "Furry Ones."

And to help out his buddies during a Furry One invasion, Spectre doesn't use his absolute power over time and space...nope, just fisticuffs and quips:


Meanwhile, allow us to point out that Batman isn't the only one who was called The Dark Knight:

Just sayin.'

Meanwhile, more petty sparring!

We know that the Spectre could end this in a split-second--he could teleport these guys away, or turn them into candles, or just bring down the wrath of God upon.

But he doesn't. He just beats them up.

Which means that the Spectre just likes to beat people up.

Now that's scary...

From All-Star Comics #13 (1942)


SallyP said...

I know this isn't the Hal Jordan version of the Spectre...but man...he sure acts like it!

Dale Bagwell said...

I guess for big cosmic types like the Spectre, nothing beats getting your hands dirty just beating the shit out nazi eskimos. Sounds legit.
But personally, I think he's attacking the wrong type of furries. He needs to go after those sick-asses who like to dress up as school animal mascots and do the naked pretzel while wearing said outfits. Now that's a comic I'd buy.

Anonymous said...

Even undead avengers need stress relief sometimes.