Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Fighting Weathermen, Or, Meteorologists Won WWII!!

The most important members of the armed forces?

The meteorologists. Seriously!

Weather as top secret? Someone arrest Willard Scott and Al Roker! (Yes, I know that merely shows how date I am. Sue me.)

But, seriously--weathermen won the war!!

And that's not all!

I can't believe that every single WWII movie conveniently forgot to to include the meteorologist going in with the troops! No wonder Saving Private Ryan didn't win the Oscar!!

Still, I can think of some (highly inaccurate) local TV meteorologists I wouldn't mind seeing dropped behind enemy lines...

Good, gosh, why didn't they just check out The Weather Channel, or consult the app?!?

From American Air Force #8 (1952)


George Chambers said...

... Normandy, 1944.

"Herr Leutnant! Der Amis are deploying meteorologists!"

"MEIN GOTT!... oh, wait, I thought you said meteors."

The Mutt said...

My Uncle Bill was a meteorologist in WWII. He served on aircraft carriers, then was stationed in some of the sweetest posts like Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo and finished up his 30 in Honolulu. If any of you kids are thinking about military service, it is a nice gig. Just make sure you aren't wearing tan boots.