Sunday, March 6, 2016

That Time Superman Married A Robot Mermaid, And Had A Robot Mermaid Baby!

Lest you think the title of this post was not 100% accurate...

Oops, I may have spoiled the "robot" part. Ah, well, strap in for one of the more Silver Age stories of all time!!

Professor Burke has invented a new "radio-telescope" that lets him watch and listen live to any alien planet! Of course, when Lois goes to report on the Nobel-worthy accomplishment...

Slow down, splash panel!!

After viewing a few wacky planets, Burke and Lane find this:

That's not all, Lois...

But it is 100% true!!

Now that's domestic bliss!!

After having a good cry, masochist Lois comes back to see more:

Lois confronts Kal-El...

Denying everything, he takes Lois to this far-away planet to investigate:


Now, this story is soooo Silver Age, that it actually requires 6 pages of expositional flashback. 6 pages!!

You see, once, when Superman was turned into a phantom by Red Kryptonite, X-3 got himself smashed up while rescuing an astronaut!

Now, in modern comics, he would have become Cyborg-Superman or some such. Haha, not in the Silver Age, kids! Let's let Jerry Siegel and Kurt Schaffenberger explain the rest:

But it is truly all's well that ends well!

I'm sure that X-3 and Mooki and Nipper are still out there, enjoying giant lollipops and baking giant pies, just waiting for Rebirth...

From Lois Lane #30 (1962), as reprinted in Lois Lane #112 (1971)


SallyP said...

Oh... My...God

George Chambers said...

Yeah, Lois believes Superman's explanation, because she's pretty stupid.

I, on the other hand, believe the much simpler explanation is that Superman created all three robots just to screw with Lois' head, because Silver Age Superman is a dick.