Monday, March 14, 2016

Manic Monday--The Zatanna In The Stone!!

Some magician has been playing pranks in the park, so Zatanna goes to investigate.

But she finds...

What the Houdini? It the mischievous sorcerer Merba! (Who??)

Dammit! I was hoping it was Mxyzptlk!!

Anyway, back to the exposition...

D'oh!! Merlin's descendant is a dickweed!

Even Zatanna's annoying backwards-speak spells can't help her here:

After several more tries...

Until finally...

Yup, let's just kidnap a toddler right in front of his frightened parents!!

Oh, don't worry--Ms. Z took him home, and made sure his birthday was memorable:

The kid's gonna grow-up knowing that the highlight of his life came when he was too young to remember it!! And no one is even taking pictures!!

From Supergirl #4 (1973)

1 comment:

Erich said...

Dang, I was hoping she was going to summon Aquaman, since he qualifies as A "King Arthur"!