Thursday, March 10, 2016

Man, Boy and Girl--Who has Which Powers?!?

Back in the good old pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths days, it was pretty easy to talk about what powers Superman, Superboy and Supergirl had. They were all from Krypton, and all had the exact same powers (and besides, Superboy was just Superman as a boy...what a concept!).

By the 1990s, though, things got very confusing:

With one of our characters a demi-clone, and one a sentient extra-dimensional glob, we now had three different origins--and three different power-sets!!--for our trio!!

Fortunately, Team Superman Secret Files #1 (1998) was around to sort this out for us:

Thank you, Secret Files And Origins. Man, I miss those specials....

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Dale Bagwell said...

That was indeed a word time, but it worked thought, and yeah those Secret Files were pretty nice weren't they?