Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where's Zatanna When You Need Her?!?

Young Mxyzptlk is tired of Superboy tricking him into saying his name backwards. Like it's Superboy's fault, you dim imp.

Anyway, Mxyzptlk decides to use the legal system to create a huge loophole in the "say my name backwards" rule:

But how does that help? Even with a new name, you can still be fooled into saying it in reverse, right?


Of course, you could have just renamed yourself  "Bob" with the same results, Mxy...

[SPOILER ALERT: Superboy uses the rare element "amnesium" to make Mxy forget that he changed his name and...oh, never mind, just say "Silver Age"]

From Superboy #120 (1965)


Mista Whiskas said...

If his name is the same forward as backward then wouldn't it be more accurate to say that every use of it qualified as backward than to say no use would?

Martin Gray said...

Wo ym daeh struh.