Saturday, July 18, 2015

This Is Where Miley Cyrus Got The Idea From!

Yesterday we discussed what a badass the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garret was.

Frequently but not consistently super-powered, Garret fought the Cold War for Fox Comics, and then Charlton. And he did some pretty amazing feats.

Take, for example, the time Beetle had a secret meeting with a CIA agent:

Plan Z?

Oh no--will the commies triumph?

Well, at this particular time, Dan Garret can fly, has super-strength and X-Ray vision, and doesn't wear his underwear on the outside--so he's much better than Superman!



Well, if it's Busch Stadium, let it fall!! (Sorry, Cardinals fans...)

So he catches the wrecking ball on his back, and flies it to the river! I'll never get that damned song out of my head...

Anyway, then the Blue Beetle flies up into orbit and takes down the commie space station!

Who the hell needs Kal-El, when you've got Blue Beetle!! Give up some respect for the original!!

From Blue Beetle #20 (1955)

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