Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Great Moments In Pro-Bear Propaganda!

Herbie has gone to visit his pal at the zoo...but the bear is pretty depressed!

But Herbie can help fix this!

Yes, Herbie's magic word is Allega-Poop. Say something about it--I dare you!!

Anyway, Herbie actually goes into the book...

But you know what? It turns out that the book was actually going pretty easy on the three bears...

Hey--that's just like my family!!


OK, so the bears weren't terribly bright. But Herbie's got a plan!!

First step: make the three bears in the story look smart:

...he uses his time lollipop...

...and his "Bish-Bash-Smish-Smash & Crash" lollipop and his Bear lollipop to change a little bit of history.


And what do you know...the pro-bear diversity program worked!

But it turns out...

...bears are big jerks!!!

From Herbie #23 (1967)

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