Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Night Fights--I'm Just A Bill Style!!

Dudes, there are time when certain creators take their pet characters and start to write fanfic. Oh, BLANK is so cool and powerful that they could beat anybody and yada yada. Eventually, the character becomes Stardust The Super Wizard, but infinitely more boring.

Of course, in doing so, they leach away almost all of the potential drama in a character, and have to have him keep getting involved in more and more esoteric and "cosmic" adventures, and pretty but yawn...

Yeah, I'm talking about Thanos. He started out as a tough guy, sure, but he needed the Cosmic Cube to be a real threat, or he had to sneak around "leeching" from Adam Warlock's Soul Gem to make a weapon. And then you give him the Infinity Gauntlet, and you'd think that you couldn't go any farther, but nope--Jim Starlin just kept building and building until Thanos had the power to literally end creation, but was just too filled with ennui to be bothered to actually do anything. (Funny, that ennui bit describes the reader, too)

So for this week's Friday Night Fights, we'll see a guy who used to run from a toe-to-toe fight with Iron Man as the guy who mops up cosmic heroes without a sweat.

Thanos is on some stupid quest for some stupid cosmic doodad that will destroy reality but replace it with something completely indistinguishable except to Thanos, who will brood about it. The Annihilators wish to stop him. Good luck with that.

Beta-Ray Bill is our featured "watch Thanos beat down someone powerful so you'll be in awe of him" victim du jour:


Thanos also takes out Ronan and Gladiator without breaking a sweat.

Spacebooger really hopes that, as compensation for the author-required beat-down, Beta-Ray Bill gets to appear in Thor III.

Another pretty but empty head trip is from Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (2014), written and drawn by Jim Starlin, inked by Andy Smith

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight! Why? Well, if you anger him, Thanos might go on another quest for power that results in absolutely nothing actually happening! So go vote!!


Oculus Orbus said...

And remember, the only character Starlin will allow to beat Thanos is... Thanos. In his first three storylines (Cube, Soul Gem, Gauntlet) Thanos drained the items of power to become "(like a) GOD!" then cast them aside for someone else to monkey with, thus defeating ol' frog face.

Yawn, indeed.

Dan said...

That's quite enough Jim Starlin bashing thank you. Some of us love this crap.;)