Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Surprisingly, The Answer Isn't "Take Away Her Credit Cards"!!

Namor is off on a dangerous mission in Japan!

But the lovely young Namorita has just come into his life, and she's smitten with the Sub-Mariner! (Well, who wouldn't be?)

So he's asked gal pal Betty Dean Prentiss to keep Namorita chillin' until he gets back.

But have you ever tried to keep a lovestruck Atlantean/human hybrid/mutant/clone out of trouble? It isn't as easy as you think!

...and it quickly gets a little kinkier than you might think, too...

So how do you stop a charging Namorita?

She's a teenager--just dangle a cute boy in front of her!!

Wow!! What they said about the Love Boat was true!!

From Sub-Mariner #54 (1972)


Oculus Orbus said...

Is that art by Bill Everett? Or maybe just the inks?

snell said...

Pencils, inks and script!

Mista Whiskas said...

"and she's smitten with the Sub-Mariner!"

Isn't she related to Subby?

And Bill Everett? Wow. I've read quite a bit of reprints of his Golden Age Subby work, it looks quite different in this later work. I'm guessing that's because of all that time to master his art (ugh) and probably being given a lot more time to turn them out in the later decades?

snell said...

At the time, no one (except Namora) knew that Namorita was a clone of Namora. So Namorita and Namor would have thought that they were second cousins. Legal in most human places, looked upon kindly by royalty, and no one knows exactly what Atlantean law on the matter is.

I always found Everett's "modern" work to be highly variable. I suspect his was a style that was highly dependent on inkers. Also, for this story at least, he was drawing many fewer panels per page (4ish) than he was in the Golden Age--the reprint in this same issue was 7 panels per page. Fewer panels & bigger panel size may have allowed him a bit more looseness and experimentation for his art. Just a guess...