Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Fault Is Not In Our Comics, But In Ourselves

Yeah, DC once published a Welcome Back, Kotter comic book.

And, yeah, they once did an issue where the Sweathogs put on a production of Julius Caesar:

You kids have no idea how good you have it today, what with your "golden age of television" and relative lack of terrible comic book adaptations!!

See, Vice-Principal Woodman has vowed to cut the "Remedial Academic Program" because of budget cuts. (And vice-principals can cut state and federally mandated programs because TV)

But Mr. Kotter figures that if his class can win the Brooklyn Shakespeare Boosters' thousand dollar prize for best amateur production, well, they can then donate that money to Buchanan High, and Woodman will be forced by sitcom logic to keep the Sweathogs!!!

And so...Julius Caesar!!

I just love legitimate theater!

Well, they don't win (obviously), but Woodman is convinced by their efforts that the Sweathogs really want to stay in school, and, well, if that's not good enough to justify a 180 degree change of heart in half an hour, than I don't know what is!! Huzzah!!!

Meanwhile, the youth of today would like to know where their comic book of the characters of Two And A Half Men performing Glengarry Glen Ross is...

From Welcome Back, Kotter #5 (1977)

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