Monday, December 22, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Why I Am Not Allowed To Write Comics, Chapter MCLIXX:

Seriously, all of these thoughts my mind while looking at this cover:

A) Hey!! The killer is left-handed!! Represent, brother!!

B) That being said, the killer being left-handed has seemingly thrown off cover artist Bernard Bailey's sense of perspective, because that gun doesn't look like it's aimed at Panicked Phone Guy.

C) Hey--how come the killer's gun and scissors are throwing shadows on the back wall, but the rest of his body isn't? Is he invisible except for his hands? Is he standing behind the lamp, while thrusting his hands in front of it?

D) No trigger guard on the gun? That's not very safe...


F) Hey, what the hell kind of phone is that? There are only eight finger holes, not ten!! What numbers are missing?!? Is that part of the killer's plot--to trap Panicked Phone Guy with a phone that can't call 911, because the 9 and the 1 are missing?!? Hmmm, that's actually a pretty good plot idea...

Yes, I'm a terribly sad person. Sorry.

Suspense Detective #1 is from 1952


OTL said...

Just to be really, really nitpicky, but I don't think the killer is left-handed. Yeah, he's holding the gun in his left hand, but his right hand is the one using the scissors. Personally, I've never even held a gun in either hand, but I have tried using scissors in my off hand (in my case, the left); it's probably easier to try holding a gun on someone with your off hand than to use scissors with it, I'd imagine.

(Yeah, this cover *really* doesn't deserve this much scrutiny, does it?)

snell said...

Ah, but there probably weren't a pair of left-handed scissors available (because of our oppressive society), so if the killer was left-handed, he might opt to use his right hand for the right-handed scissors. Plus, it's just one cut, no detail work needed, so using the scissors with your off hand in this case wouldn't provide too much of an obstacle.

(Every cover deserves this much scrutiny!!)

JohnnyBob said...

I reckon it's twins.