Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Head Trip Tuesday--Psychic Roll Call, Fantastic Voyage Style!!

The crew of the miniaturized ship Voyager is missing, and the Civilian Miniaturized Defense Force (yes, really) can't contact them

[SPOILER ALERT--they're in Madagascar, trapped by a freak plant/bacteria/fungus hybrid thingie that threatens to consume all the oxygen on Earth!]

Well, when radios fail, the obvious back up is telepathy, and trying to reach team leader Dr. Guru mind to mind:

Oh, yeah, it's too great...because there's no electro-psychic disturbance like a 1969 electro-psychic disturbance!!

Straight trippin'.

SPOILER ALERT: They save the world. The plant thingie was the work of Mephisto (no, not that one), a former student of Dr. Guru's gone bad.

From Fantastic Voyage #2 (1969)

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