Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Exciting And Glamorous Life of A Carnival Come-On Girl!!

Once again, high school guidance counselors completely failed to tell me about a lucrative and exciting field of employment:

You see, after graduation, Ginny was hanging around a traveling carnival...

Man, I always wanted to feel a part of "an exciting carny clan"!!

TEN BUCKS!?!?! Dude, I so want that job!

Ginny, do you really understand glamor and excitement?

Well, I guess you do! Sleeping until noon every day?!? Wonderful, giddy evenings?!?! No wonder you're blowing this one-horse town, Ginny!!

Of course, it turned out Thorne was running a crooked game, and Ginny got arrested, and ended up in love with boring old Tom...but we can't let tiny details like that dissuade us from our new career choice! I shall be a carnival come-on girl!! can I find a traveling carnival?

From Teen-Age Temptation #2 (1953)

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SallyP said...

Ten bucks a day and all the kettlecorn you can eat!