Monday, December 1, 2014

Manic Monday Bonus--This Had Damn Well Better Be In The Black Panther Movie!!!

In an alternate future, a post-Marvel Civil War America had consolidated its power, and applied Tony Stark's lessons by preemptively shutting down any potentially uppity countries, like Latveria.

And now it's Wakanda's turn...

And so...

Oh, yeah.

But this mammoth force is met by...

A giant panther-bot!!

And so the fate of the world comes down to Iron Man Jaeger vs. Black Panther Jaeger!

Oops...bye bye, Tony!

And Wakanda goes on to rule the world!!

Dudes, this so has to happen on film...!!!

From Black Panther Annual #1 (2008)


George Chambers said...

Let me guess. Hudlin wrote this. Right?

snell said...

Correct, sir!