Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Great Moments In Controversial Executive Orders!

It's just been revealed to the world that the Hulk is really Dr. Bruce Banner!

And the Hulk has just saved humanity from the Leader's amok Humanoid!!

Don't think that has gone unnoticed in the corridors of power!!

Unfortunately, a well-hidden Boomerang (!) is secretly trying to set the Hulk off on a rampage (so he can defeat him and become lauded as a hero himself, because stupid):

So, the Hulk wigs out, and takes off, just as...

Dude!! A signed executive order from LBJ?!? You could have sold that for a bundle on EBay!!

And in a few decades, you could just carefully add "RED" in there a couple of times, and use the order to give yourself amnesty!!

Methinks that allowing Thunderbolt Ross to decide whether or not the Hulk gets amnesty might not have been the wisest decision of Johnson's presidency...

From Tales To Astonish #88 (1967)


Siskoid said...

The Bruce Banner lobby is apparently more powerful than we thought.

Mista Whiskas said...

What in the world is that get up Boomerang is wearing? He looks like a Shogun Warrior reject.

snell said...

Mista--I can say without reservation that Boomerang's earliest costumes were the most godawful things ever worn in the Silver Age.