Sunday, November 2, 2014

Uncle Scrooge And The Hidden Cultural Crisis

So, the other day, I received my set of the first two volumes of Fantagraphics collection of Don Rosa's duck work...

...and when I opened the box to gaze upon my new treasure, one of my college-aged employees looked at it, and asked, "Who's Uncle Scrooge?"




How is this even remotely possible?!?

This is a cultural emergency.

Forget anything else in your life.

This week, make it your job--your sacred quest--to inform people about Uncle Scrooge.

Find a child. Find a co-worker. Find a Gen-Xer or a millennial or whatever they call the kids these days. And tell them about Uncle Scrooge. Show them this video:

Don't let the legacy of Scrooge McDuck fade away.


Writrzblok said...

What's next, people forgetting about Mighty Mouse? Hmmph. Philistines.

The Mutt said...

Comics Should Be Good is running a best comics writers and artists poll this month. Go vote for Carl Barks!

Bruce said...

Don rosa did some great stories. I have two of the fantagraphics books